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I would like to take this opportunity to express my heart-felt thanks to the members of the Harvest Hill Baptist Church.  We have the best spirit in the church in the almost twenty one years I have been Pastor, the fellowship is great, the singing is wonderful, and the choir does a magnificent job.
   Thanks also for the 20th Annual South Texas KJV Preachers Fellowship, especially to the ladies of HHBC- there was a great spirit of co-operation and the food was the best ever, it is truly an honor to be the Pastor of the Harvest Hill Baptist Church.
    I would like to thank Brother Jim Fellure, a dear friend for 35 years or better, for coming and also Brother Jacob Fellure for coming. 
    I would like to thank the following preachers and Pastors for their fellowship and their tremendous messages: Bro. J.R. Trammell, Bro. Jim Fellure, Bro. Jacob Fellure, Bro. Luke Geddie, Bro. Richard Famador, Bro. Phil Hernadez, Bro. Mike Martin Sr., Bro. Mike Martin Jr., and Bro. Jonathan Martin.  We had, what we believe to be the best Fellowship ever.

Again, thanks and God bless,
Pastor Jim Taylor